Reroofing: A Long-Term Fix That Saves You Money

Which leak is costing you more?  It’s easy to see when water drips in through your leaky roof.  But when your roof is leaking energy, it’s a much bigger (and more expensive) problem.  Brentwood can help you identify both kinds of costly leaks and put you on the path to saving money.

  • Reroofing with Butler’s Metal-Over-Metal or Slope Build-Up System saves you the cost of tearing off your existing roof and prevent your business activities from being interrupted.
  • Metal-Over-Metal Solution gives you a long-term fix while adding thermal efficiency without tearing off your existing roof.
  • Slope Build-Up Solution is designed to give your existing flat roof or one with minimal slope a more appealing architectural look with added thermal efficiency.


Reroofing Advantages

Choose the Metal-Over-Metal System or the Slope Build-up Reroof System from Butler. Each offers tremendous advantages over other solutions.

  • Affordable. Installs over top of existing roof, avoiding demolition costs and preventing production downtime. And the extra insulation will save on energy costs.
  • Durable. Butler’s MR-24® roof system will last longer than other solutions. Our 25-year warranty proves it.
  • Attractive. Change the slope of your roof to give your building a new look.
  • Energy Savings. Add insulation and our cool roof finish to save on energy costs.